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  • 30-foot-wide, open-air concourse
  • 36 concession points of sale
  • The Go Triad Grandstand outdoor sports bar
  • Kid-safe play park and numerous amenities
  • Seating capacity currently stands at 7,499, including 5,300 chair back seats, 16 luxury suites, two grass berms and picnic areas
  • The stadium was constructed to meet Class AA standards with room for expansion beyond
  • Included a three-story building, one grandstand building, maintenance building, new professional baseball playing field, and ancillary facilities to support ops and management of the professional ballpark

Project Overview

  • Location:

    Greensboro, N.C.
  • General Contractor:

    Samet/Barton Malow Joint Venture
  • Architect:

    Moser Mayer Phoenix
  • Length of Project:

    14 months
  • Scope:

    74,964 sq. ft.