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SEC is one of the oldest commercial electrical contractors in NC

Our vision is more than just a catchy phrase. We put it at the root of our company to become the best we can be, day in and day out. We will stay grounded in these ideals as we continue to grow.

SEC Family - we care for our people


We care for our people.

      This DNA strand represents our internal genetic makeup; it defines who we are, what made us, our family and our heritage. The silhouettes represent the family at the core of our DNA and our third generation of leadership since 1928.

SEC integrity - we do the right thing


Doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

      The nautical compass has been used by sailors to guide their ships through all types of seas. Much like those sailors, we face adversity and joy in our business on a daily basis. This icon represents our internal moral compass and our commitment to always staying the course illuminated by our core purpose and core values. We always do the right thing even when no one is looking.

sec relationships - trust = profit


Real profit is measured in trust.

      The atom is the simplest form of relationship found on earth. Made up of a nucleus surrounded by electrons and held together by an electrical charge, it is symbolic of the values set forth since our company was founded in 1928. The three energized electron rings represent our core values of family, quality and integrity, which all surround the nucleus of our company, relationships.

SEC quality - commitment to excellence


Commitment to excellence.

      Like the gears in a fine timepiece, this icon represents the highest level of precision and quality. Simple but elegant, gears have to be perfect or the machine fails. The two gears have twelve teeth each and the knockouts have a total of seven points, symbolizing our 24/7 commitment to quality.

Core Purpose

We exist to energize people who bring buildings and communities to life.

Our Goal

Redefine the entire project delivery experience through innovation in design, manufacturing and construction.

Our Vision

      We will lead the industry in design, manufacturing and construction for markets around the world. We envision a world where construction marries manufacturing with strong innovation, where disruption productivity reaches levels not seen in other industries, where schedules and waste are reduced so that time and capital can be employed for greater returns and purpose.

      We will use technology not yet thought of to design for manufacturing and deliver building solutions that seem impossible today. Our people will invent new ways of thinking and convince the world that there is a safer, smarter and faster way of building. We will see the sky as the limit of our opportunity at Starr Electric.


     We believe that diversity is the catalyst of innovation. Each one of our people brings something unique to the table. We believe in creating a workplace where everyone feels encouraged to be the best they can be.


      This belief has enabled Starr Electric to remain at the forefront of the industry for nearly a century. We want to continue to use this momentum to inspire present and future generations of speciality contractors.

SEC diversity
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