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Starr Electric OSHA compliance
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Safety comes above all else on our job sites. We hold our employees to the highest standard and maintain a world-class safety program.

      At Starr Electric, OSHA's set of guidelines and regulations is a starting point, not a goal. With this in mind, each member of Starr Electric's team is trained in all aspects of safety through OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 certification. In addition, every Starr Electric associate is required to participate in a proprietary and intensive four-hour session regarding electrical safety, and maintain that knowledge through a two-year re-certification process.


      Pre-task planning is the crux of our safety program and the driver of outstanding performance. Through the planning process, hazards are identified, appropriate precautions are used, and every member of the team confirms their commitment to the plan. Through training, planning, management support and ample resources, Starr Electric has created a culture of acceptance and accountability for safety. That culture is embedded in how we do things on a daily basis.

For us, safety goes far beyond policies and procedures. We rely on employee health and wellness programs, communication, an employee assistance program, and the training offered through Hargett Academy. Together, all of these facets of life at Starr Electric play meaningful roles in the safety of our employees.

  • All supervisory personnel are OSHA 30

  • All non-supervisory personnel are OSHA 10

  • All personnel are NFPA-70E Arch Flashed Trained

  • Regional safety committees

  • Corporate safety committee

Starr Electric Osha training

Hargett Academy

Our mission is to build a highly trained, safe and skilled work force by delivering quality and relevant programs from craft to managerial training.

"Excellence In All We Do."

      In 2008, Starr Electric created a training entity within the company to manage and promote all aspects of training and safety. Hargett Academy is named after Philip R. Hargett, a tireless champion of training and safety, not only at Starr Electric but also in the electrical industry. Mr. Hargett, a long-time friend and employee, was president of Starr Electric from 2003 to 2010, when he passed away.

      Apprenticeship is the heart of Hargett Academy and for decades has been the source of knowledge, skills, and abilities for Starr Electric employees. Starr Electric is an Accredited Training Sponsor with the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), and we maintain two Accredited Training Units. Through our commitment to craft training, Starr Electric maintains one of the largest apprenticeship programs in the Carolinas.

      Because training should not stop with an apprenticeship, we offer continuing education in craft and management topics. We believe that engaging employees with both new concepts and refresher skills is an important part of productivity.

  • Accredited Training and Education Facility

  • Accredited Training Sponsor

  • Accredited Training Unit

Hargett Academy
Hargett Academy
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