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Starr Electric exists to energize people who bring buildings and communities to life. To energize our people and our communities, Starr Electric will cultivate and enhance a culture that actively welcomes, supports, appreciates, and celebrates the distinct voices, differences, and experiences that exist throughout our family of employees. Diverse and inclusive teams, empowered with equality create a company that collectively recognizes the best ideas, talents, and skills that are critical to our sustained competitive advantage, long term success and sense of family that exist at Starr Electric.


Starr Electric’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mission is a direct reflection of our core ideology of family, integrity, relationships, and quality.


We care for our people and believe that diversity is the catalyst of innovation. We understand that our greatest asset is our people and the value they bring through their voices, experiences, and visions.


Our mission is to embrace the richness found in the diversity of our workforce, thus reinforcing a sense of belonging to the Starr Electric family.


We always do the right thing even when no one is looking. Diversity, equity, and inclusion is not just a set of policies and procedures, but rather an essential component of integrity. We believe it’s the right thing for the right reason.


Real profit is measured in trust. We are committed to consistent partnerships with MWBE contractors, consultants, and suppliers therefore providing an avenue of inclusiveness throughout the electrical contracting community.


By leveraging Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Starr Electric creates the highest performing workforce, most productive workplace, and greatest competitive edge in our industry.


We recognize that differences in age, gender, race, national origin, sexual orientation, physical abilities and thinking styles bring life to our work environments. We commit to recruit, develop, and promote a diverse and inclusive workforce by providing opportunities and career pathing for all people.


The DE&I Council is a carefully selected group of 7 SEC team members. The council held its first meeting in November of 2021 and while the DE&I is still a very new addition to Starr Electric, you can expect to hear and see more from them in the coming months.

As of today, our DE&I Council is made up of the following:

DE&I Council (9).png
Harley Garrison


DE&I Council (8).png
Dan Thomas

Executive Sponsor

DE&I Council (7).png
Keith Ward

DE&I Director

DE&I Council (6).png
Jackie Baker

HR Director

DE&I Council (3).png
Tristan Thompson

Workforce Development Manager

DE&I Council (4).png
Chad Anderson

MWBE Suppliers / Vendors Coordinator

DE&I Council (5).png
Alex Troiano

MWBE Subcontractors Coordinator

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