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Our capabilities continue to evolve as we stay at the forefront of industry. We are working more efficiently than ever thanks to our continued interest in innovation.

Electrical Construction and Engineering

      Starr Electric Company, Inc. has offered in-house design build services for 50 years. Our engineering team has designed and constructed some of the most prolific projects on the East Coast. Our ability to lead or assist engineering, combined with our century of experience, means we have brought true value since day one. Our “one-truth” methodology eliminates the price guessing game and allows our clients to choose the best options for each project in a timely manner.

      We are responsible for design, cost, schedule, safety and performance. We embrace this responsibility daily and have done so since 1928.  To 15KV systems and below, we can design and install all facets of electrical construction and engineering. We know that the project starts and stops with us and we welcome that challenge each and every day. We have been a trusted source of construction for the last 90 years.


      Pre-construction works collaboratively with owners, design teams and contractors across multiple stages of the design process to find the most efficient way to complete your vision.


      Our pre-construction department has the experience and the technology to accurately determine the needs of every project, which enables us to create complete and detailed estimates.We utilize advanced planning to accelerate construction.


      SEC has been providing BIM services since 2001. Our dedicated team of in-house BIM designers work directly with our preconstruction, engineerings and construction teams to deliver calculated results for all of our projects. We have successfully utilized BIM in over 12,000,000 square feet of design over the past 8 years.


      In addition to BIM, SEC has expanded its technological capabilities to include laser scanning and virtual/mixed reality. Laser scanning measures surface shapes and distances of buildings to accurately collect 3D data for reverse engineering. Virtual reality capabilities allow us to create realistic 3D models of our projects. This further assists us in the design and estimation processes and expedite the construction process.


      The ability to manufacture electrical assemblies in a controlled environment promotes the ability to save labor and dollars from every project we construct. These prefabrication assemblies allow us to exceed in quality, efficiency and waste management. This process is not new, we’ve been using assemblies since the 1950’s. Each of our offices has a prefabrication shop, while our main shop is in Raleigh.  We have the ability to build and ship quickly to ensure forces are fed with the latest in prefabrication assemblies.

      SEC began expanding into modular construction in 2011. We design, engineer, construct and deliver multiple avenues of quality modular construction and power assemblies. MODSEC is this newly founded division of SEC.

Industrial Service

      Our industrial service team has 75 years of combined experience. We specialize in ground testing, switchgear and circuit breaker testing, control wiring and instrumentation, load calculation and power monitoring, and heat tracing. These technologies combine to reduce the possibility of unexpected downtime and ultimately save you money. We have the equipment to serve most markets, such as manufacturing and distribution, food and beverage and power generation and continue to expand.  

  • Power upgrades

  • Infrared testing

  • Power quality (UPS, generators)

  • Conduit location

  • Load bank testing

  • Lighting

  • Equipment repairs

  • Warranty work

  • Wiring (general)

  • Early response

  • Disaster recovery

  • Fire alarm and smoke control


  • Lighting protection systems

  • Intrusion detection systems

  • CCTV systems

  • Public announcement systems

  • Access control systems

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