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What has always been doesn’t always have to be.  There’s always a different way of doing things and evolving to the next plateau.


      MODSEC is a division of Starr Electric Company that designs, engineers, constructs and delivers multiple avenues of quality modular construction and power assemblies.  Since 2011, we have developed, through strategic partnerships, a venue of highly efficient, evolving projects that complete your projects faster, better and safer.


     This methodology in building is not hindered by traditional construction constraints and excels in the ability to exceed deadlines.  We can erase the uncontrollable variables in traditional construction such as weather, long lead items, delays, inefficiencies, labor strikes and shortages, while delivering your project to you on time and on budget. Our modular builds are ready to deliver across the country.

Why MODSEC?   


  • Best in quality

  • Highly efficient

  • Reduces waste

  • Less congestion

  • Risk deletion

  • Safety excellence

  • Reduction of constraints

What else can we manufacture?


  • Interior Electrical Rooms

  • UPS Skids

  • Battery Rooms

  • ATS Platforms

  • Complete Multi-faceted Electrical Skids

  • Sub Assemblies

  • MCC Plantation

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