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Employment Frequently Asked Questions

  • What advancement opportunities does Starr Electric offer?
    Starr Electric Company prides itself on its commitment to career development opportunities available for all employees to earn. Throughout the organization you’ll find foremen, managers and executives that started at entry-level positions – either in the trade or specifically with Starr Electric. We offer an award-winning Apprenticeship Program that’s open for all Starr Employees. This allows us to help our people build a firm and knowledgeable foundation in the electrical construction industry.
  • Are you hiring for a specific job or is this permanent?
    Starr Electric focuses on developing long-term employees and providing a working environment where team members become family. There is room for vertical and lateral growth at every position at Starr Electric.
  • What is the apprenticeship program like?
    Our industry-leading, four-year apprenticeship program is ideal for anyone interested in a career in electrical engineering. The program is open to all Starr Electric employees. Our NCCER-accredited training units will provide you with electrical expertise and hands-on experience. Many of our apprentices compete and place highly at local, state and national levels. In addition to the prestige associated with an apprenticeship program, apprentices receive escalating bonuses after each year of completion.
  • What types of benefits does Starr Electric offer?
    Starr Electric provides a range of benefits including a 401(k) plan with employer match; medical, dental, group life and disablity insurance; flexible spending accounts; and vacation and holiday pay.
  • What is compensation like at Starr Electric?
    Starr Electric is consistently noted as paying well within the industry. We monitor the market conditions and benchmark pay and benefit rates regularly in order to stay ahead of the regional averages. Given the intangibles that are taken into consideration, such as experience, training, management experience, pay rates are discussed with individuals at time of employment offer.
  • Are there opportunities to travel?
    Starr Electric performs many jobs in markets that may be away from home. Within specific regions and jobs, Starr Electric follows established guidelines to pay a consistent and fair per diem to all employees involved in specific projects.
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